Art 1

The association shall be called Rótin – félag um málefni kvenna með áfengis- og fíknivanda (ie. The Root – Association on Women, Addiction and Mental Health). The Association operates in Iceland and has its legal domicile in Reykjavik.

Art. 2

The objectives of Rótin are to promote public discussion on issues relating to women, addiction, mental health, trauma and violence, and to back up programs aimed specifically at the treatment of women with addiction related problems. Rótin encourages cooperation between institutions, organisations and other professionals involved in the treatment of addiction, violence and trauma, and intends to gather information and promote the processing of existing data, as well as to contribute to studies in this field for the benefit of women. It also aims to gather knowledge, host lectures, take part in conferences and seminars, alone or in cooperation with other associations or institutions, and to initiate discussions on issues relating to addiction, especially concerning women.

Art. 3

Membership of Rótin is open to all women who adhere to the objectives of the association.

Art. 4

Anyone can contribute to the association. Support and funding can be contributed by other means then money, to the association, this shall be given a special mention. The association is free to, but not obliged, accept monetary contributions, gifts, donations and support that is restricted by the donor

According to this article, a decision to accept a donation shall be taken by the spokeswomen of the council, who can, if she deems fit, refer the decision to the Association Council, in individual cases.

Art. 5

The annual general meeting shall be convened each spring. All members who have been registered no less than five days have the right to attend the annual general meeting and to vote. To be valid, the invitation to the annual general meeting, must be sent by email to the members at least 10 days in advance.

Art. 6

The annual general meeting shall agree on the working plan for one year at a time. At the general meeting nine members shall be elected to the council and have the power to make all decisions between annual general meetings. Three vice-representatives shall also be elected to the council. The spokeswomen and the council have the authority to publish resolutions in the name of the association, as long as the resolution is in accordance with the association’s basic principles. The council will decide on the division of tasks and functions among the members of the council at the first board meeting after the elections. A secretary and a cashier shall be appointed for the association. The council shall convene at least four time a year and more often if needed. The meeting of the council is elective if the majority is present.

The agenda of the annual general meeting shall be as follows:

  1. The opening of the meeting
  2. Election of chairwoman and secretary for the meeting
  3. A report from the board on operations during the past operational year
  4. The annual accounts of the association presented for ratification
  5. Election of council members and vice-representatives
  6. Election of an auditor
  7. Amendments to the bylaws
  8. Suggestions by the council regarding the working plan for the next year
  9. Other
  10. End of the meeting

Art. 7

The financial year of the association is set from 1 May to 30 April. The annual general meeting elects an auditor.

Art. 8

Proposals for amendments of the bylaws shall be presented to the council at least five days prior to the general annual meeting. The annual meeting agrees on changes with a 2/3 vote of attending members.

Art. 9

A decision to dissolve Rótin shall require a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of members in a general annual meeting or association meeting. In the event two thirds (2/3) of the members are not present at such meeting, the question of dissolution can be resolved in a continuation of annual general meeting needing two thirds (2/3) of the members at such meeting to agree on the dissolvement for the association to be dissolved. If the association is dissolved all assets, if any, shall benefit treatment services for women.

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