The Root – Association for Women’s Welfare

The objectives of The Root are to promote public discussion on issues relating to women, addiction, mental health, trauma and violence, and to back up programs aimed specifically at the treatment of women with addiction related problems. The Root encourages cooperation between institutions, organisations and other professionals involved in the treatment of addiction, violence and trauma, and intends to gather information and promote the processing of existing data, as well as to contribute to studies in this field for the benefit of women. The aim is also to gather knowledge, give lectures, take part in conferences and seminars, alone or in cooperation with other associations or institutions, and to initiate discussions on issues relating to addiction, especially concerning women.

Empowerment—Evidence based practices—Diversity

The Root was established in the spring of 2013 by a group of women in Iceland eager to seek knowledge and instigate a change of course in the field of addiction treatment in Iceland and be a forum for critical discussions on women, addiction and violence, both for women with addiction problems, their relations and professionals.
The Icelandic treatment system has been closely linked to the Minnesota model treatment program which is built on the principles of AA – Alcoholics Anonymous. The founders of the Root are of the opinion that the treatment industry is unable to perform its services without basing it on research, which is almost non-existent at the moment in Iceland. Treatment that is not based on evidence based practices and an empowering ideology is not fit for 21st century health services.
The Root also emphasizes the necessity for diverse solutions and a holistic approach where trauma history and other conditions are treated together, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation – WHO.


Other projects

  • Take initiative and cooperate with the University of Iceland in addiction research programs
  • Translate and publish articles and books
  • Work on international networking with similar associations
  • Rótin is a member of the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association and The Icelandic Human Rights Center



  • The Human Rights Award of the City of Reykjavík


  • The Equality Award of the state Equality Council
  • Snjallræði – Social startup. Rótin was picked as one of eight teams chosen to participate


  • One of three nominates to The Society Award of Frettabladid –  one of the biggest media outlets in Iceland


  • The Justice Award of Stígamót


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